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Jan Kirsh welcomes guests during a fundraiser—held at her home—for the St. Michaels Community Center’s capital campaign

St. Michaels Community Center: Community News

Jan Kirsh’s Community Connections By Tracey F. Johns The sun-dappled roads continued to narrow and become canopied with old-forest trees as I traveled to one of the farthest reaches of Bozman, Maryland. Glimmers of Grace Creek and Leadenham Creek hugged my horizons on either side, while the trees carried songbirds

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A beautiful floral arrangement in a galvanized steel tub

Jan K Newsletter: Fall 2023

Good Things–Do–Come in Small Packages How do you garden in a small space? Late summer and early fall is an excellent time to check on recently planted gardens to assess plant growth. And, to look for horticultural surprises that occur, thanks to our challenging weather conditions Taking detours on the

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Artist Jan Kirsh standing next to her 6-foot sculpture, Patricia's Carrots

Edible Delmarva Magazine: Spring 2023

Garden Party: Sculpture Artist Jan Kirsh By Becca Newell Peeking out of a driveway, along the secluded, spiraling backroads of Saint Michaels, Maryland, sits a three-foot-long, vibrantly red chile pepper. It’s a cheerful greeting of sorts, a bright and bold welcome to Jan Kirsh Studio. Read more

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Beautifully landscaped yard peeking into the secluded outdoor pool area

Tidewater Times Magazine: Summer 2022

Backyard Oases: Outposts of Peace by Michael Valliant We spend more time at home than anywhere else. For a lot of us, that became even more true with the COVID-19 quarantine. It is in the best interest for our souls, our happiness and our well-being that we find joy in

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A vibrant summer waterfront garden

Jan K Newsletter: Summer 2022

Relying on Nature A-G-A-I-N Find Joy Where You Can I’m not sure how you’re faring, but the spring season was fast and furious around here with not much time to share the latest happenings. Summer’s arrival hasn’t changed the pace significantly. The title of the novel by Paulette Jiles, News of

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Landscape artist Jan Kirsh in the garden

Coastal Style Magazine: Spring 2022

Planning, Patience, and Purpose By Joe Willey  Healthy things grow but need a watchful eye and experienced touch to be tamed. Creating a garden is a labor of love and purpose that requires collaboration, planning and patience. For Jan Kirsh, a landscape designer and artist whose work reflects both order

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A bleak winter garden blanketed by fresh snowfall

Jan K Newsletter: New Year 2022

Take a Deep Breath Final Results are Worth the Wait Patience never goes out of style. As I begin my 40th year designing gardens, there are still lessons to learn. The lesson of patience is a constant. It’s no surprise that making gardens is dependent on the weather. As we

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Lush waterfront landscaping

Jan K Newsletter: Fall 2021

Who’s on your team? We are loving the power of teamwork! Well, the way I see it there are two good options these days. Stay in bed and pull the covers over your head because it’s all too daunting, or jump up and get busy. Following a brief contemplation, it’s

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A bed of purple pansies in bloom

Jan K Newsletter: Spring 2021

It’s baaack! Is spring calling your name? I am thinking about the easy hugs, shoulder squeezes, and sweet kisses on the cheek that used to be part of daily life. My extrovert self misses casual interactions in the check-out line, and spontaneous conversations shared while table-hopping at a favorite restaurant.

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Colorful flower bed

Jan K Newsletter: Late Summer 2020

Small efforts make for big results It’s the little things that matter So the story continues. When speaking with friends, family, and clients, peering over the tops of their masks, there’s visible emotion. It’s in the eyes and the tone of voice. Not frustration, not defeat. It’s hope. Hope that

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Two pear sculptures—one in black and one in white

Jan K Newsletter: Early Summer 2020

We’re cruising safely into summer Making the best of every day! Please tell me that you are well. That’s what I want to hear when I call my friends or family, or speak with a client or professional associate. So many questions swirling about. No simple answers. Upended routines; unstable

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Field of daffodils

Jan K Newsletter: Spring 2020

Spring projects and inspiration Spring is here!  It’s not a surprise to any of us on the east coast, Spring has arrived. Winter didn’t provide much of a frozen blast this year, so our gardens have ‘slipped into gear’ earlier than normal and we are keeping the landscaping momentum going,

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