Jan K Newsletter: Summer 2022

A vibrant summer waterfront garden

Relying on Nature A-G-A-I-N

Find Joy Where You Can

I’m not sure how you’re faring, but the spring season was fast and furious around here with not much time to share the latest happenings.

Summer’s arrival hasn’t changed the pace significantly. The title of the novel by Paulette Jiles, News of the World, comes to mind. We hear, see, and learn of new information constantly, it can be a race to keep up. It’s not unusual to feel that the burdens of the world actually do rest on our shoulders.

There is so much to understand and absorb. How to repair when it’s overwhelming? Wish I had the answers. Wish there was an easy fix.

Be kind. Listen. Be open to change. Vote. And seek solace and renewal in nature.

Gratefully, my work continues to provide a sense of balance with opportunities to stay connected to community. As always, color, scent, form, texture, motion; all combine to exercise those creative muscles with help from my muse, Mother Nature, as I design gardens that soothe and feed the soul.

Find your joy.

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