Jan K Newsletter: New Year 2020

Freshly landscaped garden with hedgerow

20/20 Vision

Imagining the future with current and upcoming projects

Do you still have 20/20 vision? Have a good view of the future? If only we were seers and could view what’s going to happen next, wouldn’t that be grand?

On a personal level, from my viewpoint as a landscape designer, my work demands that I sharpen my vision, peer ahead and imagine how one corner of the world could or should look in the future.

It’s wonderful to be given a project that presents a clean slate, when clients share their garden ‘wish list’ and needs. Then, we begin the ‘collaboration dance’, as we bounce ideas back and forth, creativity flows, and the garden design unfolds.

I love a good challenge as evidenced by these two landscape projects for spring 2020. They are both underway (on paper only at the moment), but keep an eye out for progress reports! Plus, I’m sharing one more project that has a feeling of maturity, though it’s only a couple of seasons along.

My other important 20/20 glimpse of the future is that this momentous New Year will bring the long awaited Jan Kirsh Studio online store to ‘fruition’.

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