Create a custom piece of art. Let your imagination lead the way.

The collaboration always starts as an idea. Then, that idea blossoms into a multi-layered process leading to a treasured piece of art.

Collaboration is the key word here. Read on to learn more about the process.

Jan Kirsh in her St. Michaels, Md., studio


The first step is a conversation.

New sculpture projects have been sparked by special birthday surprises, anniversary gifts, a personal fantasy about a giant piece of fruit, or when a designer has a special space to fill and clients are looking for the perfect sculpture.

So, YOU come up with the dream, the idea. We talk. We collaborate on the concept. Next step, Jan hand builds the clay model.


The piece of sculpture evolves.

Photos are sent back and forth, the conversation continues with YOU, as patron, sharing feedback. Conversation might lead to revisions, which lead to the final model.

Then, it’s time for the mold making process; followed by more hand work and detailing. Next, scanning and 3-D modeling allow for the piece to be enlarged (or made smaller). The final form is painstakingly retooled by hand, super-refining the surface. A final mold is made for casting. Cast resin, fiberglass, and bronze are all options for the finished piece.

Unfinished sculptures, including pineapple and pomegranate pieces, in Jan's studio.
6-foot pear sculpture on its way to be installed at the George Howard Building in Howard County, Md.


If you choose to have a painted sculpture, YOU help to select the colors—that happens as the last step.

Your custom piece of sculpture is ready for installation. Smiles all around. Are you ready for an artful adventure?


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