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Jan’s work is about joy and expression. It is about relationships. Her art reflects the intimate wonder of nature.

Like people and plants, Jan’s fruit and vegetable sculpture are alive with possibility. Their personalities are powerful. They want to jump up and run around the studio, or settle in for a quiet conversation.

Fig sculptures

Oil-Based Clay Sculptures

The pieces featured in our ready-to-ship store were initially sculpted in oil based clay, then following a series of ‘hands-on’ stages and steps, they were finally cast in resin to capture the original form.

The casting is then either hand painted with acrylics (these reside indoors), or finished with an outdoor, weather tolerant, two-part epoxy paint, and topped with a final protective layer. This clear coat allows them to ‘live’ out-of-doors, perfect for garden display. All they need is an occasional coat of wax to keep them looking like new.

Anything’s Possible

Dramatically, the latest technologies allow me to take my original fruits and vegetables to make them larger or smaller, so custom sizes are possible.

Picture a six-foot pear lazing by the swimming pool or a three-foot pineapple perched on a gate post.

If you are scouting about for a favorite fruit or vegetable that you don’t see in the store, please check out our sculpture portfolio for inspiration.

6-foot Pear sculpture at the George Howard Building in Ellicott City, MD
Avocado Bubbler, an artful water feature delights passersby of all ages

Create a Custom Piece

If you are dreaming about a fruit or vegetable that you don’t see on our store, we’re happy to create a custom piece of sculpture just for you!

It’s glorious fun to share the process. You choose the piece, the color and the size, and we’ll do the rest. Read more about commissions here.


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