Tidewater Times Magazine: Summer 2022

Beautifully landscaped yard peeking into the secluded outdoor pool area

Backyard Oases: Outposts of Peace

by Michael Valliant

We spend more time at home than anywhere else. For a lot of us, that became even more true with the COVID-19 quarantine. It is in the best interest for our souls, our happiness and our well-being that we find joy in being at home, whether that is an apartment or townhouse, a rancher, a farm, an estate or anywhere in between. A trend I can fully get behind is seeing people creating outdoor spaces that serve as sanctuaries, oases, outposts of peace. For some, that might be a garden. For others, it might mean a swimming pool or a pond. And, for others still, it could be a firepit, a sitting area or an art/writing studio.

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