Jan K Newsletter: Spring 2021

A bed of purple pansies in bloom

It’s baaack!

Is spring calling your name?

I am thinking about the easy hugs, shoulder squeezes, and sweet kisses on the cheek that used to be part of daily life. My extrovert self misses casual interactions in the check-out line, and spontaneous conversations shared while table-hopping at a favorite restaurant.

Those small pleasures that provide a connection to community are sorely missed, though it’s beginning to feel like they will return at some point.

In the meantime, I feel lucky when I spy a friend these days—anywhere—in my limited sphere. It happened a few times last week and we cherished the conversation catch ups, albeit muffled behind our masks, genuinely using eye contact to convey emotions.
So, here we go, I am checking in again. We are making progress. It’s time to regroup and keep going. Let’s think about what’s next.

How are you doing?

How are YOU getting through this pandemic winter? I’m hoping that there’s a little reserve of optimism in your heart as S-P-R-I-N-G finally approaches.

My salvation has been focusing on multiple landscape design drawings and collaborative outdoor meetings with engaged and engaging clients, mixed in with enough art projects to keep me amused. Super-fast walks down my lane, yoga and reading, reading, reading have all helped to maintain my momentum.

What’s your trick for keeping your ‘balance’?

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