Jan K Newsletter: New Year 2022

A bleak winter garden blanketed by fresh snowfall

Take a Deep Breath

Final Results are Worth the Wait

Patience never goes out of style.

As I begin my 40th year designing gardens, there are still lessons to learn. The lesson of patience is a constant.

It’s no surprise that making gardens is dependent on the weather. As we experience fallout from erratic, unseasonal and dramatic climate swings, patience is even more critical now.

I learned early on that I, nor my clients, suppliers or contractors were ‘in charge’ of the weather. No amount of fussing or complaining ever altered that reality.

Patience makes the journey smoother, more cohesive, more fun and ultimately more successful.

Learning to take a breath, slow the pace of progress to match the reality of circumstance, keeps the ship righted. No need to rock the boat and take on water. Bailing out a swamped vessel is not so grand an adventure.

Patience definitely pays off. When you look back and survey the results, you recognize the power in practicing patience.

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