Jan K Newsletter: Fall 2021

Lush waterfront landscaping

Who’s on your team?

We are loving the power of teamwork!

Well, the way I see it there are two good options these days. Stay in bed and pull the covers over your head because it’s all too daunting, or jump up and get busy.

Following a brief contemplation, it’s easy for me to recognize that the first choice is not an entirely viable alternative. Better to get up and get going. Projects await. Stay in the game and keep your connections alive. Team up and work together to accomplish something positive. For me, that is often a work-related project, (garden or art), a speedy walk, kayaking with a friend, or just having a lively conversation.

If the last year and a half has taught some of us something, it’s that our efforts don’t have to be all about work, try to search for balance. It’s equally important to reach out and stay in touch. Shared times, collaborations of all kinds, on any and every level are the power that provides the fuel to keep us going, they keep us optimistic and moving ahead during these challenging times.

Work, fun, time in nature, reflection and quiet. It all matters.

Please be reminded to stay in touch.

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