Strawberry Couple

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Strawberry Couple

The heady scent of ripe, local strawberries in springtime evokes a joyful response full of energy and promise. Their season is fleeting, thus we make an extra effort to enjoy them while they last. It is a life lesson, a reminder to appreciate our opportunities and relationships in the moment.

Such was the genesis of the Strawberry Couple, a pair that seem to affirm community. This pair was the first of my partnered pieces. I enjoyed creating the interplay between the abstract foliage and the more realistic berry shapes. The sturdy, almost masculine forms still hint at tenderness as they lean into one another.

This piece ultimately influenced the Tomato Partners and the Companionable Chilies, all works that reflect relationships in the human realm.

Medium & Dimensions

Bonded marble, acrylic paint, 10”x 10” x 6”

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