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A deceptively simple form hides summer’s exuberance beneath its velvety texture. There is an innocence about the shape that gets to me, which is why I sculpted this piece with no extras: no leaf, no stem, just the pure essence of peach. It is indeed a happy day when peaches turn up again at the farmers’ market. When I slice into a ripe peach I am overcome by the tropical colors, the sweet perfume.

The feel of kneaded clay in my hands and the gentle give of a ripe peach are thrillingly similar. And the magic of touch extends to this piece. This peach whispers to be picked up and held, or given a quick caress as you walk by. Place this gem solo, on a stone pedestal in the garden, to create a focal point. Or, picture a series of large peaches scattered on the lawn to act as a counterbalance to a formal hedge. The gentleness of the rounded forms will contrast beautifully with the spiky leaves of the Siberian Iris or finely detailed sedges and grasses.

Medium & Dimensions

Bonded marble, acrylic paint, 6” x 6” x 6”
Cast resin, auto paint, 6” x 6” x 6”

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