Green Pepper

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Green Pepper

The first Edward Weston photograph I viewed many years ago informed this green pepper. The image pops into my mind’s eye every time I handle peppers in the kitchen, on the way to the sauté pan or while prepping for gazpacho. It’s hard not to notice how the interior spaces, all those hollows, so beautifully reflect the exterior convolutions. I see broad, female shoulders, the span of a strong back, that point where your waist first curves in, and then out, to form the rounded place at your hip.

This is more than an image in three dimensions. This piece has a life of its own and so will be a presence in your life. It is almost like having a portrait of a familiar historic character in your house or garden. This pepper possess masses of personality and will keep you company. The top forms a secret hollow; peek inside to see what’s beyond the shadows.

Medium & Dimensions

Cast resin, auto paint, 10” x 9” x 7”
Cast resin, auto paint, 8” x 6” x 6”

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