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When the asparagus was conceived, I imagined it solo, sited as an exclamation point in the garden. But, it works beautifully as a group of spears, mimicking the way asparagus emerge at various heights from the soil in early spring. Either way, the whimsy is clear: I dressed the very recognizable spear with knives and forks which adds texture and prompts eye-catching shadows and highlights as the angle of the sun changes throughout the day.

Can you envision a troop of asparagus spears marching along the edge of the lawn, or delineating a shrub border? Imagine a handful of spears in the shade garden, with Hosta or Ferns at their feet.

Medium & Dimensions

Bonded marble, auto paint/clear coat, stainless rod or stainless steel base, 45” x 5” x 5”

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