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There was a certain thrill in layering the leaves to form a spiral around the core of the artichoke. As I built this elegant, edible flower bud, I developed a rhythm, lovingly adding each leaf, one by one.  The complexity of the form reminds me of garden favorites: roses and lisianthus.

A strongly architectural form, this modern interpretation of a powerful, ancient motif demands - and holds - attention. The sharply defined edges counter the rounded shape. The toothed leaves hide the secret heart beneath. This piece holds its own even when given competition from the real thing in the garden.  It will make itself equally at home in the living room, or handsomely anchoring a corner of the patio.

Medium & Dimensions

Cast resin, acrylic paint, 14.4” x 10” x 10”
Cast resin, auto paint/clear coat, 14.4” x 10” x 10”
Fiberglass, auto paint, soapstone base, 42” x 19” x 19”

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