Looking for a creative vision?

Jan Kirsh lives and works in concert with nature.
Explore her recent artful exploits and reach out to discuss how her landscape design and planning services, two-dimensional screens, or three-dimensional sculpture or jewelry speak to your needs.

You present the opportunity, the need, the ‘wish list’.
You are listened to and heard. A collaboration ensues.

An Eye for Detail

Our shared goal will be to create an artful solution that is both functional and beautiful

A garden, a customized sculpture, a fine art screen; all are worthy of the time, care and attention to detail needed for the completion of a successful project.  If your request demands the best possible solution, if you wish to partake in a collaborative effort, reach out.  Inquiries are welcome. 

Personal Touch

Design is the factor that ties all of this together.

Thoughtful, good design is the driver. Beauty and function are the result. ​

If you are ready to share in the creative process, or if you haven’t a creative bone in your body, it’s fine, either way – there is a collaboration waiting to begin just for you.

Group of women all wearing jewelry made by Jan Kirsh

Fruitfully Passionate

A passion for the work puts Jan Kirsh in a category all her own. 

Driven by the natural world, she has been creating artful spaces, fruit and vegetable inspired sculpture, wearable art, and now new art screens that combine her multiple passions.

 If you are looking for an artful solution for your own personal retreat and outdoor surroundings—or an artful solution to gifting—look no further.  


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Let's create together.

If you're ready to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with artful landscape design or unique custom sculptures, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We can help you create a harmonious and inviting outdoor space that you will enjoy for years to come.

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