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It has been an amazing journey, and I am delighted and grateful to share my latest jewelry and sculpture with you. Whether you are an art lover, a foodie, or simply admire nature’s beauty, I am thinking about you as I make these pieces.

The new store introduces the initial 3-D printed collection of pendants and earrings inspired by my fruit and vegetable sculpture. Each piece is enhanced with Swarovski crystals for a bit of sparkle. The BLING is meant to dazzle and it surely does!

The pendants and earrings are hollow, comfortable, and easy to wear, each is a piece of art. They are marked with my JK signature, just like the sculpture that inspired them.

Using a combination of steel and bronze, these polished metal miniatures look great paired with jeans and boots, a classic little black dress, or your favorite sweater. Plus, they make great gifts for all of the special girls and women in your life.

Each pendant is suspended on an adjustable, 36-inch waxed cotton cord, so they fit everyone. Each pendant has a matching set of earrings. The pieces are printed with a “high energy tumbled” polished finish and clear coated with a layer of gloss lacquer to protect the surface.

Visit my store and be the first to own these unique pieces of jewelry.

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