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Pear Pendant

One of the benefits of exploring the latest technologies with my sculpture process is in having a piece scaled up in size. A thirty-six inch Avocado Half expands to six feet and becomes the focal point of a commercial space. Alternatively, a seven-foot Leek demands attention in an Eastern Shore garden, while a forty-two inch Apple with Leaf resides deck side in Napa, California.

Now, Iā€™m finding joy in miniaturization. I envision many of my early and new pieces redesigned as wearable art, like the pear pendant. Strikingly simple yet also bold and sumptuous, my signature bronze pear, in gold or silver finish and dangling from a slender silk cord, becomes a favorite accent with your best little black dress.

Medium & Dimensions:

Bronze and steel, polished gold or silver finish/clear coat, .75ā€ x .75ā€ x .5ā€