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This piece is all about texture – and time. It took the patience of Job to make this over-sized ear of corn: I molded the kernels one by one then attached them individually to the cob. I varied the kernel sizes and swirled the rows to mimic the natural patterns on sweet corn. This husky rendition of the most basic of vegetables makes me think of the vast farm fields in our ‘middle west’ and of cornbread and polenta.

This corn sculpture can be grouped to form an informal border, lined up in a row at the edge of a garden bed. The ears glisten in the early-morning light, and the texture is ethereally highlighted by a layer of frost. Alternatively, think of a cavalcade of corn running along the back of the buffet, supported on stainless rods.

Medium & Dimensions

Cast resin, acrylic paint, 16” x 5” x 5”
Bonded marble, auto paint, 16” x 5” x 5”

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