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Chile Pepper

This Chile Pepper was a challenge to construct. It took a long time to get that gesture just right. I was looking for a sense of movement and a lively attitude, a pepper that could get up and dance. When I reflect on my demands for this piece, I realize that I was asking a lot from a vegetable. Fortunately, the personality of the piece finally emerged. Hot and handsome, it was a powerful companion in the studio

Encourage your imagination to work overtime. I have been told that this pepper has more going on than meets the eye, or maybe not. It all depends on your perspective.

Display this piece on a pedestal at the end of a garden path; perhaps this is the odalisque of the vegetable world.

Medium & Dimensions:

Fiberglass, auto paint (black), 24” x 20” x 56”
Cast resin, auto paint (red)/clear coat, 12” x 29” x 10”