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Chile 2

This tempting veggie is a variation on the lounging-hot-pepper theme. With this one, I was working with a different rhythm in mind. I wanted a feeling of spontaneity, a sense of liquidity. With multiple curves and a twisted, almost muscular torso, the fluid lines at times suggest a masculine form and at other times a womanly shape. It depends on the day, and it depends on the light.

This is another piece that causes people to look twice; many can’t resist running their hand along the length of this pepper. Apparently, all kinds of images come to mind, which they freely share with me. Placed on a bench in the garden or sprawled across the coffee table, there will be plenty to talk about. This may be one hot pepper, or, perhaps, a sweet pepper with attitude.

Chile 2 Halves

Opening the exhibit at the Academy Arts Museum Exhibit, the Chile Pepper 2 beckoned visitors to the Museum up the stairs to see more “New Works”. This chile pepper was commissioned by The Napa Valley Land Trust for their annual fundraising gala in 2010.

Medium & Dimensions:

Cast resin, auto paint/clear coat; 20” x 36” x 15”