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This quirky little cherry needed to be simple and sweet, just like a real cherry. In order to provide a stronger personality, I chose to exaggerate the scale of the stem, giving it a clean, natural curve that provides visual balance.

This is another example of a piece of sculpture that takes on qualities of a youthful personality. I imagine an adolescent who is growing so quickly that their limbs are out of scale. Or, like a newborn giraffe, they’ll grow into those legs. In this case, the stem is a bit of a stretch for that sassy little cherry.

A little too big for its britches, this piece reflects exaggeration of scale, making the stem as important as the fruit and changing the standard perspective.

Medium & Dimensions

bonded marble with 2-part epoxy paint and pewter stem
6.75″H x 3.5″W x 2.5″D

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