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Patricia’s Carrots

Don’t let the simplicity of these familiar roots fool you. Like the legs of a ballet dancer, they exhibit flexibility and strength, making you wonder, Just how did they do that?This piece was inspired by a photo from an avid vegetable gardening patron who harvested an intertwined carrot duo. The way one carrot wrapped around the other made their construction an engineering challenge. Then, increasing the level of difficulty, I decided that only the tip of the standing partner would touch the base. Rather than mimicking the feathery foliage of true carrot tops, these greens forged a new look. Reminiscent of Matisse cut-outs, these forms add a touch of Seussian humor.

Medium & Dimensions:

Small Version – 30.25″H x 18.75″W x 13.75″D
Materials: bonded marble with acrylic paint
Large Version – 48″ x 17″ x 17″
Materials: bonded marble with 2-part epoxy paint