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Jan Kirsh’s remarkable sculptures are the embodiment of a life’s work in concert with nature. Her thirty years as a garden designer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore provide her an encyclopedic knowledge of natural forms as well as passionate connection to the outdoors. Trained in ceramics, photography and sculpture, she first turned to landscape design, fulfilling a desire to work within nature’s parameters. She quickly developed a reputation for sinuous and lush modern layouts, and innovative use of plant materials. Her return to sculpture brings her creative career full circle. Kirsh’s exuberant forms are simultaneously intimate and heroic, organic and modern, suited to both garden and gallery, sculpture that reminds us of the infinite wonder of nature.

“By capturing unique shapes of fruits and vegetables, posing them almost anthropologically, and enveloping the pieces in everything from vibrant Crayola colors to subtle jewel tones, Kirsh’s work insists you look at plant life with a fresh eye.” ~Andrea Poe, Chesapeake Home

“The sculptures [are] so intimate, even the gargantuan ones. Kirsh knows instinctively – aesthetically – to narrow the view and find the essence of each form. When you have the originality that Jan possesses – well, I knew from the beginning her work would be unique.” ~Carla Massoni,

“She has a powerful talent.” ~Don Saff, Saff Tech Arts

“If you like the idea of fruits and vegetables in your garden, but don’t have much of a green thumb, fear not…sculptor Jan Kirsh has created the next best thing: indoor/outdoor sculptures of your favorite produce.” ~ Carol Sorgen, Maryland Life

“Jan has completely got it. She came to us and said, “I want to adopt the most modern technologies.” We enabled her to take what’s clay and plaster now, and be unbound by materials and scale.” ~Harry Abramson, Direct Dimensions

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  • CAST – A book about casting, by Jen Townsend and Renée Zettle-Sterling — Coming soon!
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  • Chesapeake, The Eastern Shore: Gardens and Houses, by Catherine Fallin, photography by Taylor Lewis, 1993



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