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The pear has been interpreted immeasurably, in both two and three dimensions.  The obvious feminine persona has been tempting artists and their patrons for centuries. I took a fresh approach, providing this elegant piece of fruit with a distinct charm and characteristics more commonly assigned to a figurative piece of sculpture. I scrutinized the form, walking around the studio and looking back from every angle until I felt that I had it just right. I spent days carving, shaping and refining before finalizing the pear's sweet shape.

Very few admire this piece without a little smile following the first glimpse.  Easy to live with, this pear fits comfortably virtually anywhere. It is at home in the garden, nestled into a mass of colorful summer flowers, or taking center stage on the mantelpiece.

Just imagine standing at the kitchen sink with a six-foot-tall pear holding court in your back garden.  Now dust the scene with a couple inches of snow or the last rays of the day's sunlight.

Medium & Dimensions:

Cast resin with 2-part epoxy paint, 72" x 50" x 45"
Cast resin, auto paint, 12” x 8.5” x 7.5”
Cast bronze with patina, 12” x 8.5”x 7.5”
Cast concrete with stain, 20” x 14” x 12”